JANESVILLE, WISCONSIN–Today, Congressman Bryan Steil released his first two TV ads, “Home” and “Safe” on Milwaukee broadcast. 

“I am excited to share my message far and wide in Southeast Wisconsin. I am working to bring back jobs, rebuild our economy, and make our communities safe for everyone. These are challenging times, but as I’ve seen us do in the past, our community will come out stronger than before,” said Steil. “Our men and women of law enforcement are an essential part of keeping us safe. These heroes are members of our community. I am proud to stand with our men and women in blue and will continue supporting them here at home and through my work in Congress. We must combat the narrative that law enforcement must be defunded. I am committed to ensuring law enforcement has the training, resources, and funding to make everyone feel safe. Everyone,” added Steil

Transcript of “Home” is below:

I’m Bryan Steil.

39 years ago, my parents brought me home from the hospital to this house.

Since then, our community has seen ups and downs.

But we tackled those problems head on and we came out stronger.

Today, I’m proud this community is still home. 

Because even though we’re facing challenges once again, we will get through this.

And I promise to continue fighting every day to bring back jobs and stand with local law enforcement.

I’m Bryan Steil, I approve this message and I ask for your vote. 

Now let’s get to work. 

Transcript of “Safe” is below:

I’m Bryan Steil.

There’s been a lot of talk about defunding police.

I believe everyone deserves to feel safe in our community. Everyone.

That’s a goal we can achieve without undercutting those who have sworn to serve and protect us.

Defunding police makes law enforcement’s job harder. 

It’s wrong.

Let’s get to work to fix what’s wrong and improve what’s right. 

So we can all feel safe.

I’m Bryan Steil and I approve this message. 

For more information on Congressman Bryan Steil, visit bryansteil.com.