Randy Bryce and out of state liberals continue to mislead the voters of Southeast Wisconsin. Bryan Steil will protect health coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

Randy Bryce took a page out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook and, along with the Democratic Political Machine’s funds, is airing a new, misleading ad attacking Bryan with false smears.

The people of Southeast Wisconsin deserve better.

The truth is Bryan Steil will fight to protect health coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions. He’ll also fight to lower the cost of healthcare by putting patients and doctors in control.

Here is the full interview on Capital City Sunday and Bryan’s answers to all of Emilee Fannon’s questions:


This isn’t the first time Randy Bryce has tried to mislead the public about Bryan Steil. Even The Washington Post Fact Checker called him out for being misleading – giving him “Three Pinocchios” for his earlier false ad.

“In the end, we conclude that it’s not fair for Bryce’s ad to call the Republican “Lyin’ Bryan Steil” based on the evidence provided. The Bryce ad earns Three Pinocchios,” –The Washington Post. (Read the entire article here.)

People are frustrated with Washington style politics. Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and other out-of-state liberals are helping Randy fundraise money to buy this seat. In return, Bryce is supporting far left policies like:

  • Abolishing ICE
  • Government Takeover of Health Care
  • Raising Taxes
  • Taking More of Your Money to Fund Out of Control Government Spending

Bryan Steil is running to bring Wisconsin style solutions to Washington. In Congress, Bryan Steil will work to:

  • Lower Healthcare Costs
  • Protect Pre-Existing Conditions
  • Lower Taxes
  • Create High-Wage Wisconsin Jobs
  • Keep Our Communities Safe
  • Cut Government Red Tape
  • Prepare the Workforce for the Jobs of the Future