JANESVILLE, Wis. – First Congressional District candidate Bryan Steil released his first TV ad today.

The ad introduces Steil to voters and emphasizes his background in manufacturing. Steil touts his experience solving problems, maintaining a budget and creating products. Steil says he will bring his conservative Southeast Wisconsin style values to Congress.

You can watch the ad, called “Wisconsin Steil” here.

The ad’s transcript is below:

Bryan SteilI’m Bryan Steil and I approve this message. Because I was raised right here in Janesville on Southeast Wisconsin style values, I don’t care much for Washington style politics. But I do know they need Wisconsin style solutions. I work in manufacturing, solving problems, saving money, shipping products around the world. So even though our conservative Wisconsin style values might be out of style in Washington, you can count on me, Bryan Steil, to fight for them in Congress.

Steil’s first ad will appear on television, digital and social media platforms.

Bryan Steil was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin. He is a member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents and has a strong background as a business leader. For the past nine years, Bryan has worked for manufacturing companies in Rock County and has learned the importance of fiscal discipline and risks of government red tape. Bryan is running for Congress to reduce government overreach and prepare our workforce for the jobs of the future.