Fighting for Wisconsin Workers and Families

Bryan Steil is fighting for Wisconsin workers and families.

  • Bryan wants to ensure every worker who wants a job has a job. Bryan is fighting to bring family-supporting jobs to Southeast Wisconsin, grow wages, and ensure workers have the preparation and education to meet job needs today and in the future.
  • In Bryan’s first two years in office, he’s held 14 in-person town halls, over a dozen telephone town halls, and in-person forums focused on college affordability, children’s mental health, and better trade deals for Wisconsin workers and farmers. 
  • Bryan is committed to strengthening our communities and keeping families safe. Bryan supports local law enforcement and is working to ensure law enforcement has the necessary funding to do their jobs and protect us all.
“Getting workers back to work and our economy on a road to recovery is job number one. I am working to bring back jobs, rebuild our economy, and make our communities safe for everyone. Southeast Wisconsin has seen its ups and downs before, but we’ve tackled each day head-on and come out stronger on the other side. I know we can do that today, too.”

-Bryan Steil